Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guard Your Marriage #5

Adultery does not just happen. It is the culminating act of many tiny steps of unfaithfulness. We are examining these in order to help safeguard marriages. We offer word-for-word quotes from real people who wrecked marriages (theirs and others).  This information comes to us at great expense.

Looking Forward to Being Together
"I used to dread going to work, but after we started our friendship I would wake up thinking of how I would see him later that day.  It seemed to make getting up easier."

"I would think of being with her the whole time I was driving to work."

"I found myself thinking of him as I got dressed each morning, wondering how he would like a certain outfit or perfume."

"Every time I drove by her house I would think of her and how we'd see each other soon."

Source: Money, Sex and Spiritual Power by Keith Drury.

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