Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guard Your Marriage #4

Adultery does not just happen. It is the culminating act of many tiny steps of unfaithfulness. We are examining these in order to help safeguard marriages. We offer word-for-word quotes from real people who wrecked marriages (theirs and others).  This information comes to us at great expense.

Meeting Emotional Needs
"He understood how I was feeling and offered me the empathy I was hungering for."

"She was there when I needed her."

"My ego was so starved for affirmation that I would have taken it from anyone.  I guess that's what started the whole thing."

"No one had ever really believed in me until he came along.  He encouraged me, inspired me, and believed so deeply in what I could become."

"My wife was busy with the kids and not at all involved with my work.  This girl admired me and treated me like I was really somebody.  It felt so good."

Source: Money, Sex and Spiritual Power by Keith Drury.

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