Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guard Your Marriage #2

Adultery does not just happen.  It is the culminating act of many tiny steps of unfaithfulness.  We are examining these in order to help safeguard marriages.  We offer word-for-word quotes from real people who wrecked marriages (theirs and others).  This information comes to us at great expense.

Sharing Common Interests
"We just had so much in common, it was uncanny."

"She and I both enjoyed music, and we were attracted to each other."

"He was so spiritually-minded...I'd been looking for someone to share my spiritual struggles with."

"We both loved horses, and started riding together."

"She was the first woman I'd ever met who liked the outdoors, even hunting and fishing - I was fascinated."

"We both shared a burden for the church and especially children's work."

Source: Money, Sex and Spiritual Power by Keith Drury.

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