Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guard Your Marriage #3

Adultery does not just happen. It is the culminating act of many tiny steps of unfaithfulness. We are examining these in order to help safeguard marriages. We offer word-for-word quotes from real people who wrecked marriages (theirs and others).  This information comes to us at great expense.

Mentally Comparing with My Mate
"My husband wasn't interested much in spiritual things, but this man knew so much about the Bible."

"She was slim, attractive, and dressed sharp - quite a difference from my wife who didn't take care of herself much at that time."

"My husband just would never communicate.  He'd come home from work and just sit there watching TV.  I finally gave up on him.  Then this man came along who was worlds apart from my husband.  He was gentle, loved to talk, and would just share little things about his life with me."

Source: Money, Sex and Spiritual Power by Keith Drury.

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