Thursday, September 2, 2010

How To Fight Child Trafficking #2

Do the children in your life know that you love them?  Do they know that you love them no matter what, no strings attached, and with no conditions?  Do they know that you love them when they mess up, disappoint you, do something wrong or even horribly bad?

That's how God love us.  God has amazing plans for our lives, wants the best for us, and hurts when we disobey.  Yet, God always loves us the same whether we behave like heavenly angels or demons from hell.  In fact, God will never love you more than right now.  Nor will God ever love you less than right now.  God's love for us is perfect.

This doesn't mean that there are no consequences for our actions.  There are.  Discipline can be a loving gift.  And thankfully, love is also expressed through grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

What does all this have to do with child trafficking?  Children who do not experience a loving home environment are at risk for many things: to be distant from God, to run away, to act out sexually, to get involved with alcohol and drugs, and much more.  Last month we talked about the first step in fighting child trafficking is to take care of the children in our lives. Loving our kids unconditionally is foundational in taking care of them.

So, are we loving the children in our lives unconditionally?  If so, how are we loving them?  The Bible teaches that love is an action, more so than an emotion.  Love is what we do and what we say.  How do the children in our lives know that we love them no matter what?

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