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The New England Patriots and the New York Giants are in the business of winning football games. Success is measured by having more points on the scoreboard at the end of the game than the opposing team. On February 5, the team with the most points will walk away from the Super Bowl as the winner and the best team in professional football.

Light of Christ is in the business of partnering with God to transform lives. Knowing that we are being successful is not always as easy as looking at a football scoreboard. Life transformation is a messy, complex business. Yet, there are still some very clear wins. We experienced one last Sunday when nine-year-old Grayson professed his faith in Christ.

Here is what Grayson’s parents shared with the congregation:

Many of you may have never met our family….but we feel like we have met all of you. It has been 10 years since we started attending Light of Christ and it has been 7 years since we moved away from Charlotte. We came back a few weeks ago to meet with Pastor Kyle about speaking with our son, Grayson, about professing his faith in Jesus. Everything about the church has always been one with a foundation of basic goodness and love. From the smiles and nods we received from complete strangers, to the warm hugs of old friends—this is a church we cannot, nor do we ever want to lose in our future.

Pastor Kyle has been EVERYTHING to our family—he may not even realize this fact. Pastor Kyle baptized Angie and both of our boys. He officiated the wedding ceremony of my Angie’s brother and his wife who is a part of the Lynch and Light of Christ family. More than anything—he along with Lora and this church make you feel good about yourself and what you are trying to accomplish as a family, a husband, a wife—the list can just go on and on.

We started worshiping here when the church was at Jay M. Robinson, then the YMCA. We would have probably parked on the side of 485 if that were the place of worship. When we were pregnant with Grayson, we had a very rocky beginning. For 14 weeks, Angie was on complete bed rest and we had meals delivered from Light of Christ 4 days a week! That is 56 meals that went to the nourishment of our family at a time when we were functioning on a complete tailspin. We had constant hospitalizations and your ministry team was there every step of the way praying by our side.

When Grayson was born he remained in the NICU for 21 days and was just a pitiful site of tubes and incubators. One day a NICU nurse said to me, you have quite the support system. I said, “Our family has been wonderful.” She said, that it is true but she was referring to our church. She said that a member of the church had come every day to just pray by Grayson’s side. On the night of his birth she stated that someone even came in the middle of the night. From that day on, we knew we had chosen the right name for our child. He has been a “son of Grace” from Day One. This is why we could only have this church be a part of such a momentous occasion for us.

Definitely a win!

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