Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Eve Gift

The other half of Sharon United Methodist Church’s Christmas Eve offering will go to Justice Ministries (JM), a bold Christian organization fighting human trafficking in Charlotte.  Millions of people are enslaved through trafficking in the world today.  Sadly, Charlotte is the number 1 city in North Carolina for human trafficking and 10th in the US (some rank it as high as 6th).  This is not what we want to be known for! 

JM focuses on rescuing children and women who are sexual slaves, and on helping them to recover and to start new lives.  JM literally rescues victims from their captors/pimps, and moves them to a safe house where the recovery process begins.  JM also goes into strip clubs to minister to women there.  FYI, the average entry into prostitution in the US is between age 12-14.  Obviously, this is not the girls’ choice!   These girls are raped multiple times a day, even up to 40  or more times.  We should be furious.  We should do something about it. 

Check out JM at  Let’s give big to God on Christmas Eve to free women and children from sexual slavery!  Give freedom this Christmas.

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