Thursday, November 14, 2013

Desert Pete

A man named Pete is lost in the desert dying of thirst.  He stumbles upon an oasis.  There’s an old-fashioned pump, one glass of water, and a note.  The note says not to drink the water, but to pour it into the pump to prime an unseen leather gasket.  Then pump all the water you want, and refill the glass for the next traveler.  Is this a test?  A cruel joke?  Pete needs water now.  There’s no guarantee the pump will work.  Should he risk pouring the precious water into a hole in the ground with the hopes of getting water that cannot be guaranteed?  What would you do? 

This Sunday we'll have an opportunity similar to Pete's, as we make a commitment of our resources to God for the coming year.  Will we clutch what we have with a death grip, or pour it out with the hope of being a part of generous blessings that are yet to be seen?

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