Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Visit from the Bishop

This Sunday, 10/13 we will be honored with the visit of Bishop Larry Goodpaster.  A Bishop is an ordained pastor elected to lead a region of churches.  Bishop Goodpaster is responsible to shepherd the 1100 United Methodist churches, 1700 pastors, and 290,000 members in western North Carolina.

With all of these churches and pastors to care for, it is RARE to get a visit from the Bishop.  This is an historic moment for Sharon.  Bishop Goodpaster will speak about the big picture, including the vision to rebuild our campus.  I’ll give you a formal introduction on Sunday.  For now, here are some of the Bishop’s favorite things:

Favorite TV Show: classic M*A*S*H.  Current TV: the Discovery and History channels.

Favorite Movie: classics Citizen Kane and Ben Hur, among others.  Current: Lincoln and 42.

Favorite App: Flight Track.

What’s on his iPod: ranges from Broadway to 1960s/70s to Third Day.

What he does for fun: read, walk, and play with grandchildren.

If he was not a Bishop, what he would do: teach at the college level.

His prediction for the Panthers win/loss record: I’ll tell you on Sunday.  9 and 11:15 AM at Sharon United Methodist Church.  Watch online here (available on 10/14).

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