Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guard Your Marriage #7

Adultery does not just happen. It is the culminating act of many tiny steps of unfaithfulness. We are examining these in order to help safeguard marriages. We offer word-for-word quotes from real people who wrecked marriages (theirs and others). This information comes to us at great expense.

Flirting and Teasing
"I could tell from the way she looked at me.  She would gaze directly into my eyes, then furtively glance down my body and then back into my eyes again.  I knew then that she was interested in more than my friendship.  But I was so flattered by her interest that I couldn't escape."

"Then we started teasing each other, often with double-meaning kinds of things.  Sometimes we would tease each other even when were together as two couples.  It seemed innocent enough at first, but more and more we knew it really did mean something to us."

"We would laugh and talk about how it seemed like we were 'made for each other' so much.  Then we would tease each other about what kind of husband or wife the other one would have been if we had married each other."

"He had those killer eyes.  When he would look at me in that 'special way' I would just melt.  It was hopeless fighting my urges.  He had me."

Source: Money, Sex and Spiritual Power by Keith Drury.

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