Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hell No?

Evangelical pastor Rob Bell's new book, Love Wins, has stirred up major controversy about Heaven, Hell, and salvation.  What do I think about it?  I'm not sure.  I recently got the book and am about halfway through it.  If you are curious, I encourage you to read it for yourself, too.

There are many varied opinions that have been voiced since the book was published.  Here are a few links:

Secular View from Time Magazine
Views from Various Evangelical Pastors
Humorous View from author Donald Miller.

Some related reading links:

Bishop Willl Willimon's Who Will be Saved?
C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce.

If you live in the Charlotte area, Myers Park United Methodist Church is hosting a program on Who Goes to Heaven?  Who Doesn't? on May 23 at 7 PM.  Click here for details.

Again, if you are interested in the debate around the content of Love Wins, read it for yourself.  There's also nothing wrong with reading the Bible to see what it actually says.

Update (7/21/11):  Check out Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle's new book Erasing Hell for an evangelical view different from Rob Bell's.  Click here for details.

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