Thursday, April 7, 2011

NFL Alternatives

I enjoy watching NFL games.  I grew up a Cowboys fan.  I cheered for the Patriots when I lived in New England.  I support the Panthers here in Charlotte.  Professional football is an entertaining sport.

I do not, however, have any sympathy for the owners or players in their current lockout.  It sickens me that billionaires and millionaires are fighting over money while people struggling to get by are losing jobs all the time.  Not to mention the four billion people in the world that live on less than $2 a day. 

I, of course, must admit my role in all of this.  By watching NFL games, playing fantasy football, buying clothing with team logos, etc, I am supporting the lifestyle that has pitted millionaire vs. billionaire.

Staying with the NFL theme, Sports Illustrated recently conducted a poll of NFL fans to see what they will do if there is no football on Sundays in the fall.  Here's what people said:

- 61.2% will watch other sports on TV
- 56.1% will surf the internet
- 47.5% will watch non-sports TV
- 45.1% will spend time with significant others
- 43.6% will do more yard work/chores
- 33.5% will play video games
- 13% will go to church.

Sad that mowing the lawn generates almost the same interest as spending time with loved ones, and that time with God at church is not a blip on the radar for those polled.  Still, the message to the NFL seems to be that life will go on without you.

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  1. Ya know it's funny. I'm working on sermon planning and preparation this semester. I decided my second sermon for class would be from Psalm 4 months ago. The working title of the sermon is Power and Peace in Holiness and Love - what does it really mean to trust God? I haven't kept up with the NFL lock down, but it sounds like a bunch of guys who like to give God credit on the field are trying to give the dollar authority over their lives. Who are they trusting - really?